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What's your Harry Potter Geek Code?

a26 e+ x+++ a21 R1 HP4 S+++ Mo++ HaP++ HG++ RW& AD++ O++chmtw F+gow sfFF,W

HPGCv1 = Harry Potter Geek Code, version 1

a26 = My current age

e+ = My level of education is an Associate's Degree

x+++ = I'm a married female

a21 = I was 21 years old when I first discovered HP

R1 = I first got into it by reading book 1

HP4 = Book 4 is my favorite

S+++ = Refers to my amount of HP merchandise. Mine is best classified as "As long as I stay out of the store, I'm okay...oooh, Draco Malfoy bubble bath!"

Mo++ = I thought the movie was pretty good and was a really nice adaptation of the book into movie form.

HaP++ = I really like Harry Potter

HG++ = I really like Hermione Granger

RW& = I would date Ron Weasley if he really existed

AD++ = I really like Albus Dumbledore

[There were codes available for many other characters, but I didn't include them all because the code is already too damn long. I just included my four favorite characters.]

The next question was, "How much of a Harry Potter geek are you?" My answer was O++chmtw, which means:

O++ = I love Harry Potter and tell everyone about it
c = I've converted others (7 people, to date)
h = I've gone to a party or trick-or-treating in an HP costume
m = I've actively defended Harry Potter to a nonfan (the page actually says "Star Wars," because they adapted the code from the SW geek code, but I think they meant HP)
t = I openly wear/carry Harry Potter-related clothes/accessories
w = I maintain a Harry Potter website

[I skipped the questions about fan art and slash vs. het fan fiction, simply because they don't apply to me very much.]

F+ = I'm quite fond of Harry Potter fan fiction
g = I'm only into stories about certain characters
o = I've posted my stories online
w = I maintain a webpage concerning fanfic

sfFF,W = I belong to and participate in several Harry Potter fan fiction groups. I run my own Harry Potter web site.

That's me in a geekshell! (Erm...geek-shell, not "geek's hell.")
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