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So long, and thanks for all the sex :D

Well, lego_harry's response to my last post in the community really, really made me want to try and stay involved in the game. But, thing is, I haven't even had the time to *think* about the Lego LJs since, well, since the last time I posted to this community. I've tried to think of ways to be able to stay, but my time is looking to get less available not more over the next few months (I've been jobless and am hoping not to be before too awfully long).

I just don't think it's fair to all of you to have a player who's hardly ever checking up on the game.

I can't believe I'm so emotionally involved anyway given how little I post but I guess Ron is sort of my baby, unworthy though he may be. He's the first and only character I've ever RP-ed for more than just a one-time chat, and I'm very much sad to give him up after so long.

You guys are amazing players. I know many of you joined the RP after I disappeared for a while, and I regret that I'll never have the chance to get to know you and RP with you. lego_harry and lego_draco, you guys are inspiring. When you two burst onto the LJ scene way back when, I was captivated, and your capacity for humor still has me awed.

When lego_colin came along, I loved watching the plot develop. Harry liking Draco but thinking he liked Ron. Draco liking Harry but happy to play with lego_tom while he waited. lego_colin liking Harry but knowing he couldn't (at the time) have him. I just thought, here's a perfect niche for a lego_ron who just really, really likes Colin, and not Harry or Hermione or anyone else among the usual suspects. I have a thing for hopeless love quadrangles like that.

So on a whim, lego_ron was born. I don't think I ever expected to play him for as long as I did, or to have so much fun doing it. And I was thrilled when lego_colin was happy to play along, and the first Ron/Colin I'd personally ever seen was born. lego_colin, I'm especially sad to say goodbye to you, even though I've never chatted with you and still don't even know who you really are. I think the way you welcomed me into this RP and created such great storylines for the two of our characters is what made me enjoy it so much, and stay involved actively for as long as I did.

Ok, I've wibbled long enough. Seriously, I never expected to be this wibbly and weepy-eyed over giving Ron up, but I think I've just got to. I'm emailing lego_ginny with his LJ and Yahoo mail passwords tonight. Ginny, take good care of him. He's really a sweet guy at heart. He'd do anything for his friends, and he has a great and t00by love for our friend Colin. He's protective of his sister and a little bit awed by Hermione, especially after seeing how flexible and generous a person she can be. He wouldn't be averse to having a threesome with Harry and Colin, BTW ;).

And he'd really love to see Harry and Draco get together sometime. He knows it might not be soon, but he has a feeling there's more than a little something of potential between you two.

Okay, that's it, and I'll be going now. Take care, everyone. I'll probably stop by and view the RP from time to time, and maybe even comment, though I guess it'll have to be as my real self then. In any case, lego_pansy knows who I am.

Thanks for everything.
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