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What has gone on so far...

lego_harry posted this in lego_ron's last post to this community and I thought it was such a good write up I'm posting it here as well, with lego_harry's permission, of course.

"Oh, and it's easy to catch up. As you know, Lego Colin and Lego Ron are an item. Lego Draco still has the hots for Lego Harry and doesn't hide it. Lego Harry is still resisting Lego Draco and he is going out with Lego Hermione whom he lost his virginity to. Lego Draco is now going out with Lego Ginny, the two got hooked up in a rather startling way in the Prefects' bath and recently they've been outed as a couple. They have an open relationship. Lego Pansy is determined to have Lego Draco to herself (he is totally oblivious to her plots by the way) and Lego Draco still pays attention to her for his own reasons. Lego Ginny snogged Lego Harry once but they decided that it was like kissing siblings so they haven't gone anywhere with that. Lego Colin also has been shagging Lego Harry on occasion and Lego Harry, as you know, has wondered if Lego Ron would be upset by this. He has since found out Lego Ron is okay with it. Lego Neville is a confused virginal boy whom everyone is trying help out. And by everyone, I mean EVERYONE! Lego Draco also has a phobia about House Elves. Especially Dobby (who is not a lego yet).

In another segment, we have Lego Snape in love with the NPC Poppy Pomfrey who is in a BD/SM relationship with Lego Hooch. Lego Lucius comes by Hogwarts on the pretense of checking up on Lego Draco, but he's also having shagfests with Lego Snape and Poppy which sometimes gets observed by Lego Myrtle who doesn't have a clue what's really going on, but is learning. She is contemplating finding a way to shag Lego Harry and is working out the bugs in that one. Lego Snape also has a deep dark secret.

Lego Sirius is hanging out and hiding out in Lego Hogsmede and occasionally is witness to student naughtiness and even gets a little of his own sometimes. We have found out that Remus (not a lego...yet) is a talented pornographic filmmaker. That seems to come up a lot in the Lego adult posts. ;)

Then there's the Lego Squid. We're not sure what he's up to there, but he seems to be a literate squid and has a one true love.

So, clear as mud?"
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